1. Know your rights! You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at ANY shop of your choosing. NO insurance company can tell you any different. Please make sure you feel comfortable with the shop you have chosen to repair your vehicle, the majority of insurance companies offer direct repair programs (DRPS’s) that are agreements to give large discounts on repairs which means lower quality, aftermarket parts, and questions about how your vehicle was repaired. 
  1. Insurance companies will use scare tactics to get you to have your vehicle repaired at a shop of THEIR choice. They will say things like “we don’t warranty that shops repair” or ” you will have to pay the difference in repair cost”.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  NO insurance company warranty’s repair work that is the shops responsibility. Stack Auto Rebuild offers a written lifetime warranty for collision repairs. 
  1. Photo App and estimate requests made by insurers are highly inaccurate information provided in an attempt to control claim costs and dictate necessary repairs. ALL vehicles need to be taken apart, repair process researched, and repair plans written. This process is done when the vehicle is in the shop as it will identify the true costs of repairing your vehicle. We are the EXPERTS in identifying the damages and repairs required to repair your vehicle back to its pre accident condition.
  1. Rental vehicles are not always covered by your insurance. Please check your insurance policy for your coverage and policy limits. We use Enterprise rental car for all rental vehicles and generally can have you from drop off, thru check in, and into a rental car in 15 minutes.
  1. We are here for YOU! We don’t allow insurance companies to dictate to us how to fix a vehicle. Stack Auto Rebuild will repair your vehicle back to its pre accident condition using the best equipment and some of the most highly trained technicians in the collision repair industry.