At Stack Auto Rebuild our priority is

our customers and staff's safety.

We are committed to protecting your safety and the value of your auto investment.

You can rest easy now.

We will return your car as safe as the day it was built.

Your car was designed to keep you safe in an accident and thankfully, it did its job. Let us put it back together to keep you safe once more. We realize that cars can be repaired, but people can’t. That’s why we provide the safest, correct repairs and we are one of the highest rated collision repair shops in the Northwest.

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What you don't know...

But Need To Know About Collision Repair

We pride ourselves on returning your vehicle to you so it is back to working order. There is a right way to make repairs that many car owners aren't aware of. We are here to help. We do it right. Our focus is on you and repairing your vehicle.

Three Solid Reasons:

Customer Driven

We are here to help you. From requesting an estimate to walking you through each repair made, we are here every step of the way.

Our Promise

Stack Auto Rebuild strives to exceed your expectations. Let us put your car back together so you can have your life back.

Safety is our #1 Priority

We value you and your family's safety therefore, our repairs are performed only by OEM trained and certified technicians.

Let's Get Started!

Let us know you are coming and we can get you in and out quickly.